Captive Audience stars Anna Grahm, a fictional character as Disney songstress extraordinaire—she sings only Disney songs—singing When You Wish Upon a Star while hanging upside down in a straightjacket above a star-shaped construction. After the third loop through the song, she makes a wish by dropping a coin from her mouth into the star below.
Anna Grahm is the star turned on its' head, an anonymous star, a chrysalis, an impersonator or a female impersonating a female impersonator. She is a persona as caricature of persona. Like the great escape artist, Houdini, she is a sort of Nietzschean “uberfrau,” overcoming enormous obstacles or constraints to perform what seems like the impossible.
You can read an interview with Anna Grahm here:

Allegory of the Star: An Interview Wtith Anna Grahm