Hex of the Head-Feeding Homunculi (for P. K. Dick)

Once upon a time there was an enormous brain composed of many little stomachs. The big brain was surrounded by hundreds of head-feeding homunculi. The homunculi were alchemical creatures, a manifestation somewhat like the logarithmic phenomenon of a stone dropped in a pool of water, the ripples covering an increasing radius, or sound waves that grow infinitely smaller in time.
I think, although I cannot be certain, as these stories have a way of taking on a life of their own, that this overpowering omphalos cast some sort of spell over all those who gazed upon it by way of some non-verbal or telepathic communication. Words, like the unintelligible babble of many simultaneous voices, seemed to emanate from an unknown or invisible source.
The stomachs, however, were more than just organs of ingestion. They were cosmological in nature, a depiction of the heavens, a clock determining the seasons, a biological clock, a perpetual Angelus, a Rosetta Stone, a large glass, a looking glass, a spelunker’s map to secrets hidden in cranial caverns.

Hex of the Head-feeding Homunculi,  wood (320 chairs) and acrylic on canvas, approximately 10' x 40' in diameter.