The Strange Woman & Seven Diamonds Miners is a 684-page erasure and “rewrite” of a found book, The Strange Woman by Ben Ames Williams.

Williams' strange woman is revealed to the reader through the stories of seven men, and each is given a section in the book. In the rewrite each becomes a stand-in for one of the seven dwarfs from the Snow White fairy tale. Mining the realm of pulp romance, the project is, in part, an attempt to present the text as both image and poetic narrative; a palimpsest and abstract rendering of line, paragraph and page. On another level, it's an attempt to find, reclaim, redefine, and/or give voice to the book's object and main protagonist; a voice that has been lost within or usurped by a patriarchal system of values and beliefs. Two rules have been followed thus far in rewriting. The first is to use only the words available on the page. The second is to use the word “bed” whenever it appears in the text.